UC Berkeley Sigma Eta Pi (2017)

Website built for Sigma Eta Pi, an entrepreneurship fraternity at UC Berkeley. Demo below.

Audio Visualizer (2018)

ThreeJS audio visualization sketch. Can view either fully rendered or as a mesh and supports three different visualization schemes. A secondary particle visualization scheme is also included. See demo below.

See it live here: Blob Visualizer

WebVR Audio Visualizer (2018)

Work in progress. Built in A-Frame. WebVR is currently only supported in Firefox and Chromium.

See it live here: WebVR Visualizer

beAR (2017)

24 hour hackathon project (attempting) to build scalable multiplayer AR. We built an extensible backend library that worked with Apple's ARKit and custom byte stream data to support synchronised AR views. We built our own 3D Pong game, beARPong, as a demo to show off its capabilities. The project ended up winning 3rd Place at Greylock Hackfest. See lo-fi demo below:

In the video, you can see each player hitting a white pong ball back and forth in AR space. Read more about it here: Scaling AR in 24 Hours

The Great Equalizer (2018)

This was an Op-Ed piece done in collaboration with the Editorial Board at the Daily Californian. You can view it here.

ASUC Superb Arts and Design (2018-)

These are a series of artworks made for ASUC Superb, the recreation board at UC Berkeley. Most are advertisements for free concerts held on campus.

COMPOSITE Zine Issue #03 (2018)

I had the honor of creating the cover for COMPOSITE issue #03. The theme is "Liftoff".

Style Transfer for 360 Video (2018)

Implementation of Style Transfer using a convolutional neural network and perceptual loss functions. Basic implementation for 360 videos. Full report here.

See full results here: 360 Style Transfer